Welcome to our website. in this section you will find reports on recent interesting projects. Projects relating to photo assignments and to free works, but also events that stand in direct relation to our activities.

                                                                                                                                                                   The Studio-Wien team

England, Wales and Ireland

Extensive preparations went into the 50-day trip to Southern England, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. We chose to travel in autumn knowing that the Irish Sea, especially along the rough Atlantic West coast of Ireland, would present an untamed contrast and wild relationship with the constantly changing weather and the cliffy steep coast. It was this interaction which we tried to capture and this is reflected in impressive images of this breathtaking landscape.

The specific beauty of autumn in Wales and England was another highlight though here we mainly concentrated on towns and cities - partly in reaction to the inconsistent weather.

76 towns and landscapes of various areas were covered in detail. A selection of the best photographs will be published in the next editions of European tourist guide books. Samples are presented in our "Photo Gallery".

Central Europe

Shootings in several Central and Western European cities developed into an extended round trip through Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Switzer-land. 22 towns were captured through our lenses. These images were again used partly for publications in travel guides. A more extensive coverage is envisaged.

Free projects

One of our crucial concerns is to focus our attention on free projects amidst the routine contracts that are dealt with in a studio - details of which are not usually reviewed in public. It is mainly in these works where the imagination can "run wild" and emphasis is on the artistic creation of an image. The focus is centred on the creativity which is of utmost importance for all aspects of our profession. In this way the danger of loosing spontaneity and creativity in the day to day routine can successfully be avoided.

The complexity and extent of work for these free projects can be extremely diverse. Sometimes they are spontaneous moments right in your backyard and then again it can involve long preparations for reports on excursions to far away countries.

A small selection of these activities can be seen in the "Photo Gallery", the site banners and this installation for an exhibition five years ago.

In "Next Steps" we will report on interesting future free projects ...

Southern Africa


Ireland, UK






Day to day photography

Studio Wien undertakes several journeys and excursions throughout the year and this may give the impression that our emphasis lies in photography relating to reporting and travelling. This of course is not the case. We are just as enthusiastic when we can get in touch with art, architecture, wildlife photography and portraits, as well as working on free portfolios.

In addition there are intensive preparations for various types of publications - see "Photo Publications".

Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa

After visiting the rough and cold coasts of Ireland and the United Kingdom in autumn,  we travelled on another free project straight after Christmas into the heat of Southern Africa. Highlights of this excursion were crossing the Kalahari desert, expeditions in a dug-out into the Okavango Delta, foot safaris in the Savuti Channel and along the Chobe River, visiting the Victoria Falls and cataracts on both the Zimbabwean and Zambian sides of the Zambezi as well as finally crossing the unique Ntwetwe Saltpan.

Preparation of the book „WIEN DIE SCHÖNSTE STADT DER WELT“



Following a first report on the Turkish region of Cappadocia in 2009, it was the turn in May and June 2014 for Istanbul, Europe‘s biggest city. We had three weeks to explore the most remote areas of Istanbul and to visit the trails of old Byzantium and Constantinople.

Some of the most extraordinary photos of this fascinating city can be viewed on the page "View of the World".

Turkey, Istanbul