44 special themes to be found in the book „Vienna the most beautiful city in the world“

Curriculum vitae Vindobona   •   Vienna, the city with a hundred names   •   The streetlights of Vienna   •   The Viennese ”Fiaker“   •   The Vienna Boys‘ Choir

The oldest newspaper in the world   •   Destruction of historical buildings   •   The new Vienna: The ”Ringstrasse“-period   •   ”Aunt Dorothée“

A new beginning and the ”Trümmerfrauen“ of Vienna   •   The ”Maria Theresa thaler“ and other currencies   •   The first safes and strongrooms in the world   •   Theatre in Vienna

House signs and house names   •   House reference numbers   •   The Jewish community in Vienna over the centuries    •   The Viennese coffee house culture   •   Sweets from Vienna   ”Nibelungen“ - Walther von der Vogelweide in Vienna   •   The residence ”Berghof“ - At the court ”Am Hof“ - The court in Vienna ”Der „Hof ze Wienne“

From Emperor‘s Hymn to National Anthem   •   Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra   •   Bösendorfer pianos   •   Thonet & Kohn

Vienna Augarten porcelain manufactory   •   Viennese cuisine   •   A ”Piefke“ (a German) in Vienna   •   The greatest hostage-taking in the Occident   •   The Starhemberg ”Freyhaus“

The ”Freihaus Theatre“   •   The ”Vienna Medical School“   •   The Viennese "Hanswurst"   • "Kasperl"-puppet theatre   •   The ”beautiful funeral“   •   The Danube Island

Piatnik playing cards   •   The Vienna silent film production   •   The ”Heurige“   •   Bakers‘ baptism and other medieval penalties

Cliché-ridden Vienna   •   Genealogical table of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation   •   Conversation with the Middle Ages - An imaginary intellectual contemplation

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